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Plumbing Services for Landlords

Landlord Services

All landlords have a legal responsibility for the tenants in their property. MPH Heating Services Ltd has been working closely with numerous letting agents for the past 15 years. We have a good understanding of the demands from tenants and always aim to resolve any problems the same day, to ensure a healthy relationship between agent, landlord and tenant:

Gas Safety Checks

MPH Heating Services Ltd works alongside landlords and agents to ensure that each property holds a valid Gas Safety Certificate. MPH Heating Services Ltd keep records of all Gas Safety Checks and can send a timely reminder to let you know your next Gas Safety Checks are due.

Boiler Servicing

To ensure efficiency and safety, gas boilers in properties need to be serviced once a year. MPH Heating Services Ltd keep records of all boiler services and can send a timely reminder when your next service is due.

Smoke Alarms

A smoke alarm should be fitted on every floor of the property. MPH Heating Services can assess the needs of a property and supply and fit smoke alarms accordingly.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A Carbon Monoxide detector should be fitted in any rooms that have either a replacement or new fixed solid fuel-burning appliance installed.

Legionella Risk Assessments

Health and safety legislation requires that landlords carry out risk assessments for the Legionella bacteria which cause Legionnaires Disease and maintain control measures to minimise the risk. Most rented premises will be low risk but it is important that risk assessments are carried out and control measures introduced. Our engineers at MPH Heating Services are fully competent and qualified in Legionella Prevention and Water Treatment and able to carry out your risk assessments for you. Our assessments are completed on simple, easy to understand forms